ISHM Scholarships

ISHM Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund
For over 95 years, The International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement has been actively focused on the education and training of measurement and control personnel at all levels in the Oil and Gas Industry.  With continued affiliation with the University of Oklahoma, solid educational value has been at the core of the School.  The endeavor to support valued education in all aspects of the School has made ISHM the premier hydrocarbon measurement school and experience in the industry.
The early primary interest was the continuing education of employees currently serving in the measurement and controls disciplines.  During those 90+ years, the school has provided an educational experience to over 60,000 students with the assistance of over 1,500 instructors.  The school has and continues to recognize numerous individuals for their outstanding contributions to oil and gas measurement and control. 
The ISHM Committee membership embarked to carry the impact of the School to an even higher level.  That additional effort was providing financial support to students in college who would be pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry.  A scholarship fund was established and donations to that fund allowed the School to award scholarships to a group of deserving students each year.  As time went by, the fund was able to assist from 8 – 10 students each year at a variety of universities that had established an affiliation with ISHM.  Support for the scholarship fund grew each year from individuals, small companies and large corporations.
In 2007, ISHM leadership began a serious effort to create an endowment program that would take ISHM’s support of education to an even higher level.  After a thorough investigation and fulfilling all the requirements to the establishment of such a fund, the ISHM Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund became a reality in 2009.   With significant donations from many individuals, operating companies and manufacturing organizations, as well as a designated contribution by ISHM, the fund was established with an initial investment of $100,000 to fund future scholarships. 
The ISHM Endowment Fund is now fully functional and deeply appreciates the support of all donors.   The Fund has already yielded scholarship financing beginning in 2011, and the future of the Fund looks very bright.  Respecting the past and looking forward to the future, the Fund desires to seek additional long-term support and wishes to recognize all those who will and have made the Fund a reality.  In doing so, the ISHM Endowment Fund will recognize the support from individuals, small businesses and large corporations at three different levels.  These contributions will be recognized on both an individual basis each year, as well as cumulatively over time.
Individuals, organizations, and companies making donations will receive a letter of appreciation and acknowledgement of the donation.  After an initial level of participation (Bronze), a presentable token of appreciation will be given to the donor when they attain each given level, acknowledging the contribution and the appropriate level (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond).  The School will also proudly display a plaque in the Historical Exhibits area that will acknowledge all supporters.  Recognition will also be given each year in the proceedings of the school.

ISHM is a 501(c)(3) organization in the State of Oklahoma.  All contributions are irrevocable, are used solely for the purposes of the Fund and are tax deductible.  Additional information is available upon request.

Anyone interested in making contributions to the ISHM Scholarship Fund may contact:

Leon Crowley
The University of Oklahoma
1700 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73072-6400 USA